Wednesday, May 23, 2012

gettin outta dodge & a link

The cement is getting a break from us today. These walls aren't confining these kids today.The diesel and dust filled air won't be filling Livesay lungs.  We've had it with this ridiculous city and we're headed north to breathe deeper and show Grandma Karen how beautiful a Haiti beach is. Roadblocks are the thing to do here lately, here is hoping they aren't a thing on our planned route.  Fresh air, wide open space, here we come.

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I read this yesterday. I loved it. It resonates deeply. The people we choose to hang with in times of deep pain are the people that don't need to put words or fixes unto our pain. After the earthquake we gravitated to people that didn't judge us for being in pain or label us or tell us everything that was wrong with us.  I want to be the kind of person that truly lives in the spirit of Romans 12:15 - I want to grieve with those that grieve.
Nothing more. Nothing less. Sarah said it so much better though.

Read Sarah's take ... 
"Don’t be a defender of an institution. Don’t be an office. Don’t be a title. Don’t be a minimizer, a gloss-over-er, a down-player. Don’t be an oracle or an activist. Don’t be a self-help manual or an encyclopaedia or a concordance or a few tactical probing questions to steer the conversation. Don’t be the fault-finder. Don’t be God works all things for good. And don’t be pray harder, or more faith-ier. Don’t be the voice of their worst fears and accusations. Don’t be the shame-er." 

Instead, when we are privileged to be present as someone’s heart is breaking open with pain and longing and doubt and questions and terror and loss and grief and love and hope and fear, before our very eyes, as they are in the midst of wrestling with God and it’s tangible and not fixed by seven-steps-to-a-better-life-and-whiter-teeth, how about this?
How about we be human right alongside of them?

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