Wednesday, May 09, 2012

by the numbers - installment two

  • 1 - the number of "slow release" Melatonin pills I took at 11pm last night 
  • 105 - the number of minutes that passed before Melissa called to say "someone has arrived in labor"
  • 2 - Dr Peppers can squash the power of Melatonin 
  • 2 - the total number of Heartline staff available last night (Wini and Beth are out of town)
  • 2 - the number of babies born so far on May 9th at Heartline
  • 1 - baby of each sex 
  • 10 - the number of minutes that passed between the second woman showing up and the delivery of the second woman's baby - she then proceeded to try to bleed to death - we're equipped to deal with that thanks to your prayers, donations and support
  • 3hrs 10min - the time between the two deliveries
  • 1 - scary minute (45 seconds) when baby #2 of the night/morning had a stuck shoulder
  • 2 - moms needed a quick stitch or two
  • 2 - moms needed IV fluid (again - thanks for donating!)
  • 21 - the age of the first time mom that arrived first but gave birth second
  • 38 - the age of the third time mom that arrived second but gave birth first
  • 0 - the number of times Melissa (amazing midwife) acted stressed - that gal is one cool cucumber 

Yolene & her 6lb 10 ounce daughter born at 2:40am

Patricia & her 8lb 1 ounce son born at 5:50am

  • MANY wishes for a good day of rest for all of us and no more babies tonight (please wish that with us) 
  • Many more thanks for two more healthy babies and safe moms