Sunday, April 01, 2007

Wheel of Fortune Blog Style

Can you decode the important message?

Eight Word Phrase below ...

I - has been filled in for you.

First eligible person to email us (or comment in the comment section) the correct answer wins a large prize.

_ N

_ N E _ _ E _ T E _


_ E _ _ _ N

_ _ _ _ L _

_ _ _ I _ E


_ _ T _ _ E _ !

Can't solve it? Buy a vowel or a consonant in the comment section.

On the honor system ...

Vowels are a $20.00 donation to (paypal donating option available at the site)


Consonants are a $10.00 donation to "RHFH" - send to Real Hope for Haiti, P.O. Box 23, Elwood, IN 46036 (The Zachary's)

No "anonymous" buying of vowels & consonants, if you choose "other" in the comments section you can type in your name without being registered with blogger. Hopefully this will encourage our Wheel of Fortune fundraising effort for these two ministries to work.

Only those who bought at least one letter are eligible to solve the puzzle. We will fill letters in - in the order we receive the requests.

We will also match whatever is donated to each of the two ministries.