Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Short Bits of Random

Paige and Tina and Matt left very early to hike up to Petit Bwa. Britt couldn't get her buns out of bed. They were all up and ready to go before the sun ever got hot.

Everything went very well without us here last week. The only complaints when we returned were more of the personal-conflict nature and not something Troy would have jumped to be involved in anyway.

The attorney went and represented Troy in court last week while we were gone, we still don't know the outcome. Construction has begun on a trade-school at the LaDigue property. It is spring-break here this week, meaning no school kids, just the feeding program is operating.

I will nag Troy incessantly until he posts DR and other new photos.

Matt gets a little nutty with his cooking. He was listing off the ingredients he would need ... I said, uh -- "you're in Haiti there buddy, and you are two hours from the Westernized grocery store so knock it off with the curry, fresh basil, and artichoke hearts already." As it turned out Troy took him 20 minutes to Williamson to a gas station to buy a fine bottle of white wine for his sauce. He pulled off an amazing dinner and we've decided to take him away from his teaching and football coaching career and hire him as our personal chef in Haiti. We just need to find some people to support him and we're all set.

We've griped often enough about the annoying shopping system in Haiti. The way sometimes, in certain stores, you cannot touch the items, the store clerk must go find them for you and on and on. Then once in line there are all sorts of silly things that happen.

Troy and I were in Deli-Mart the other day. The Deli Mart store is newer. They have two and a half feet conveyor belts to set your groceries on ... only, the conveyor belt does not actually move. If you set 15 items down, only the first five items are in easy reach of the cashier. There is an unwritten rule in Haiti. It says this: Customers are not all that important and cashiers should not have to move their arms very much. Once the five items have been rung through, the customer needs to take the next items on the non-moving conveyor belt and move them up to the cashier. She will just sit and watch you until you move them. It does not matter if you are a mom with two small children and full hands, the cashier DOES NOT move groceries for you. Period.

It is not that big of a deal. It isn't really. But, for whatever reason -- it pushes all my buttons and annoys me greatly. The next time I am at Deli-Mart I am going to stare back at the cashier and see how long it takes to win. I will change this system yet. Or I won't - and instead I will be stuck in a long staring contest. I'll let you know how it goes.

MOM- The camera with the photos of Phoebe and Porter is M.I.A --- when we find it you'll know.

Have a good day.