Monday, April 23, 2007

Daily Dose

Here is the house that Hope and Phoebe have been staying in:

Ok, it's not, but this one is very near Chris and Leslie's lovely home. Leslie has been feeling under the weather, so I kept the girls with me here. Please pray for her quick recovery. (Not for my needs, of course - come on - give me a break.) Although I do need to arrange something before Wednesday, when I have to go to Port. I was planning on finding alternate care for the boys as well, because of the people and places I need to go and see. Not your most kid-friendly appointments, if you know what I mean. Ok, maybe just not the most four kid-friendly ones.

The five of us had a good day, filled with some tickling, dog walking, spreadsheeting, diaper changing, and babysitting. The babysitting was of our employees - the children were fine on their own. I actually got a fair amount of work done today - as I finally succeeded in coordinating an all-four naptime. I had at least two hours of quiet and no demands for juice, fruitsnacks, bottles, or diaper changes. I made the most of it and caught up on emails and work. I was shocked at how much can be accomplished with uninterrupted time. Phoebe and Hope seem to be totally scabies-free, at least for the moment, so I should get them out of here as quickly as possible to keep them from being re-infected before the other girls come back. As far as I know - the dog is not pregnant, so I'm claiming success on all fronts at this point.
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