Friday, April 20, 2007


Here is a picture of Isaac doing what Paige refers to as 'chillaxin'.

We had a nice visit with his birth-mother today. I'll post pictures later. She was the only one from the family who came, which is too bad. I guess last time when we couldn't make it - Isaac's birth-father was there and some other siblings we haven't met. I would have liked to see them.

He is very sweet to her and really does seem to enjoy seeing her. Today he kissed her on the cheek and said "I love you!". She just stares and stares at him like she's trying to catch everything and keep it in her head to remember.

Isaac can be, okay always is, very random. Today he asked questions ranging from chickens' flying ability to claymation to animal husbandry to shark infested waters to birth-mothers - specifically just how many birth-mothers everyone in our family has - including Peanut. That's the short list. I did the best I could to answer everything, but had to include a lot of "well, I don't know, buddy." At one point I was bordering on using an answer I learned from my dad...When Isaac asked me why some chickens can fly and some can't and why they don't swim under water...I almost said "Just to make you ask questions." I'm saving that one for a more difficult ridiculous question. I'm sure it will come.

Phoebe and Hope are back with us, we just got home and are partially reunited. The boys and girls were all very happy to see each other again. Tomorrow we'll test how long that can last. I'm glad to have them all here, and have absolutely no expectation of accomplishing anything this weekend - so it should be a success.