Saturday, April 14, 2007

A seven year old girl died in the next village over this week. She came down with a fever and within 48 hours she died. The family will never even know what she died of, we can just guess at what it might have been and wish that we would have known sooner and been able to help. Pastor Rony came on their behalf to ask for some funeral help. It was a tiny amount that they needed to be able to bury their child. Ugh.

Britt is currently testing. They left here at 6am to head into Port. Troy has been feeling sick, please pray that it is nothing and goes away quickly, he can't be sick when in charge of kids and the mission without any help.

It just occurred to us that in the same six month period- later this year/early next year - we will likely-
1. Send a kid to college
2. Watch a kid enter the world
3. Start two kids in Kindergarten
4. Start one kid in 7th grade
5. Complete an adoption

Noah is the only one not experiencing some major milestone. Crazy. Exciting. Fun. Challenging. Crazy.

"He who has God plus many things has nothing more than he who has God alone."
C.S. Lewis