Saturday, April 07, 2007

Saturday Stuff

This morning from 9am to 1pm Troy taught Pastor's Training. He is not necessarily gifted in this area (his words not mine) so it always presents a challenge for him. He does a really good job of preparing and praying about what he should say and allowing for the teaching to move from the notes and meet the needs of the day. I think he is darn hot in his teaching role ... but that is neither here nor there. When he came upstairs to get water at break time, Isaac said "There is our daddy-pastors training guy!" See, we all think he is a babe in that role.

Today it all went well. He did mention that he did not so much appreciate being at the front of the church and having Noah wander in, walk straight to the front of the stage in the middle of the training and say "Daddy, come see this. There is a dead rat out here. I want you to come shoot at it." He had on batman goggles and a Superman cape to make the announcement. He must feel that it is his right to interrupt 70 adult men to make important dead rodent discoveries and share them with his dad. We are still trying to figure out why he wanted Troy to shoot an already dead rat.

It is cloudy and humid here today, we're watching the cool Easter weather in Minnesota and feeling glad we don't have to wear our new sundresses that Tina brought us in that weather.

Happy Easter to all and to Kris Meadows and Lisa Slater - Happy Birthday!!!!!!!