Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Ebony & Ivory together in perfect harmony, side by side on their keyboard, Oh Lord .... why don't we?

There is your cheesy old song for today. Porter and Phoebe are okay with each other, we just don't know that they'll every compose music together. But they are two cousins in need of a decent bra.
Sorry for the lack of words yesterday and today. We went to dinner last night. On the way home I got sick (it wasn't pretty) and thought it was pregnancy related. It ended up being the stomach flu and I've been in bed all day. Britt has it now too. I feel a little better at hour 18 so hopefully it is a quick thing. We are praying no one else will get it --- it comes on fast and is not very kind in the first eight hours. Morning sickness sounds nice right about now.
Troy has taken Matt and Tina to the open market in Arachaie and over to check on the well at the Barbancourt property. We've got a bunch of nappers so the timing worked out well for them to go.
More when we can ... and hopefully a guest blogger soon.