Thursday, April 12, 2007

It's Thursday?

All morning long I operated under the false pretense that today is Wednesday. Paige set me straight, but needed to pull out a calendar to prove it to me. Who knew? It is sunny, warm, and humid like every other day -- I don't remember Tuesday happening. Weird.

Tomorrow the girls have convinced me that the three of us ought to set out for a hike to Petit Bwa. The photo to the right shows the path up the mountain very clearly. They're promising to go at a pace that won't produce dry-heaving.

Troy has taken the boys and gone to Port in search of some adoption paperwork and a few items for the mission. The boys were thrilled with the idea of a "guys day" and made a bee-line to get their baseball hats and sandals when Troy offered. Us ladies understand that Port au Prince has nothing to offer us and we are home working on exciting things like- laundry, sorting through stacks of office paperwork, packing, list-making, learning about verb tenses (being-action-linking-helping) and about condensation and saturation and dew points. All sort of interesting and THRILLING things like that.
Britt has been missing for five days, she came out of her room for a Coke today and I almost didn't recognize her - she'd grown a beard and lost a lot of weight. She is preparing to take the ACT on Saturday at a Christian School in Port. She is taking the writing portion too and is very dedicated to studying and taking all the practice tests. If you think of her on Saturday morning, toss up a prayer for clear thinking and snappy senses. She is pretty much living for the day the test is over and she can have a stress-free life again. She might also be thinking of Sunday-Tuesday and the time in Florida with a certain young man. OH, and of course time with her mother. Ah-ha. That must be what it is.
Have a wonderful THURSDAY evening.