Sunday, April 22, 2007


This afternoon I ventured out-of-doors with the fabulous four. All by my lonesome.
I knew it would be hard to believe so I had Rusty take this picture. See how healthy
and happy they all look? Of course as soon as this was done they started fighting again,
but at least I got the proof. We went to Kyona beach (the deserted ghost-town one) and met up with Rusty and Cheryl Merritt who run the orphanage in Bercy. ( The kids had a fun day running and swimming and being rowdy with their group of younguns. I had fun talking to other grown-up-type people. Tara and the girls are safely in Indiana and in the care of the Fulton family. I called them and got to hear they were eating at our favorite restaurant - PF Chang's. So...even though the kids just had mac and cheese for dinner...I'll be cooking Kung Pao chicken for myself to make it even.
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