Monday, April 16, 2007

A quick post from Fort Lauderdale

Hi - This is as much for Troy as for anyone ...

Today went well. It is so weird to be here after 8 months away. There are so many choices. Too many. Deciding what to eat for lunch is difficult. Everything is clean. The roads are smooth and get you places fast. There is sad news in VA, really sad. Troy- read about it on line if you get the time.

We went to two schools today. One smaller Christian University and one larger public University. We liked them both but for the small tuition difference Britt really liked the feel of the Christian school. It was a beautiful campus. I feel unprepared emotionally for all of this. Paige teared up once when it hit her that Britt is gonna go before we know it.

At the end of one of the tours when we met with the admission guy to ask questions about transferring credits and stuff, he said, "Do any of you have other questions?" Paige said, "Uh, yeah - I do." "Can family come and visit? Stay over night?" It was so sweet. She had lots of opinions. At the second school Paige said, "Uuuuhhhh. No. This is not the school for you. I don't like thinking of you here." She then went on to give a lot of really entertaining reasons why the first school was the right school. Some reasons were valid, others were more about the Hot Chocolate the first school offered her, and the fact that the guy asked her name too. The funniest part of the day was when the public university tour-guide-girl asked if anyone had questions, Paige was in the mood to be silly and pretend she was in Haiti. So she walked up the girl and asked "Do you have city power or a generator?" The ditsy college girl said "hum, um I don't know, city power I think????"
Uh ... yeah. You have city power.

We think the Bernards are super cool. We're having fun with them. Paige made fast friends with Chris's two brothers and thinks we should extend our time in Florida to allow her more time to play cards and basketball with them. Britt is of course thrilled to be here.
For those of you who knew about our friends, the Sexton's and their plans to come to Haiti. We wanted to ask you to pray for them. They have decided against coming and are really in a tough situation right now --- having sold their house already. We love them, respect them, and think the world of them -- please pray for clarity and direction. We'd appreciate it and we know they would too.
Kiss the boys for me. Have them kiss you. Leslie --- kiss my girls for me. You rock. Thank you!