Friday, April 13, 2007

Culinary Update

Cooking attempt number two was not quite as successful.

The preparation and presentation went beautifully, but I failed on a few points...

Note #1: When cooking Mongolian Beef, remember it's not called
'Haitian Beef' and therefore do not
use local beef products - they require
entirely too much mastication.
(Unless you have a penchant for chewy meats.)

Note #2: Two teaspoons of red pepper flakes is a LOT of red pepper flakes. And guess what? They are hot. And when you use a LOT of them, well, you know. When the girls first had trouble - I was sure they were just weak. But then I ate mine and couldn't stop sweating for about an hour.

(Note to self: don't just blindly follow a recipe and assume it will be how you wanted it)

Now I will enter a new realm in my burgeoning cooking career and start tweaking recipes.
I might even try again before the girls leave so I can redeem myself.

It's almost time for lunch, so I will finish off the leftovers - let the sweat begin.