Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Dealio

Things are crazy-busy here this week. Yesterday allowed no extra energy or time for a blog entry. Here are a few of the current highlights and happenings-

  • Troy took me to the Dr. and we saw our busy baby. The ultrasound was so clear, even in the USA with Noah - we had never seen things so clearly. The baby measured 12 and a half weeks and looked great. The only shock was the six pounds I gained in 21 days. Ouch. I guess vacation and Matt's cooking are not a good combination. Thankfully I have been feeling less pukish and have been able to get back to running on the dreadmill. Some ladies still run marathons while pregnant. I am not one of those ladies. I hope to maintain six mile runs through the pregnancy, but anything longer than that is just insanity. My sister is running a marathon without me in May. I am trying to forgive her.

  • Britt is all pumped up and excited to learn that she will be done with her high school course work by the end of 2007. She will then have the option of entering college in January of '08 as a sophomore based on the courses she took that doubled as college and high school credits. We were not sure how it would all work out, but yesterday she heard it looks possible to finish this year and move on right away in January if she chooses. She danced a happy jig all afternoon. I understand her desire to get going, but it is also crazy to think about her moving out and to college in 8 months. As if I don't have enough to be emotional about. Waaaaaaaahhhhhh.

  • Paige is dangerously close to finishing three of her subjects leaving her with two that we'll work at for some of the summer. She looks forward to less time studying and more time socializing. We're thrilled with how well her reading, writing and math has come along this year. I believe I heard her say "Fractions are easy." I am glad she thinks so. I wish I could say that!

  • We leave this coming Sunday to look at colleges in Florida, Indiana and Nebraska. In some strange way I feel that it is not me looking at college with my almost adult kid ... because that is not possible. It can't be true. In Florida we will stay with her friend Chris's family (The Bernards) in Fort Lauderdale while we look around a few days. In Indiana we are staying with the Fulton's. We'll also get to stop in IL to see the Meadows family, in Iowa City to see Jamie and Sharon and then our last stop is in Omaha, NE with my Granny Porter. She is the famous grandmother who passed along overactive sweat glands to her children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. (Noah and Paige can testify.) We like to stop in and thank her for that gift that keeps on giving every chance we get. We will exchange sweaty Porter hugs with you soon Granny! ;-)

  • Chris and Leslie Rolling are taking care of Phoebe and Hope during the work-week days for Troy. That way Troy will just have two male helpers trailing him. On the weekend it will be Troy and the fantastic four all on their own.

  • Troy was carrying a 110 pound sack of rice and walked straight into a cement wall. The cooks are all convinced he might perish and are begging him to lay down. He is ignoring them and has left to go buy diesel for the generator.

  • These two photos (top and bottom) were taken 4 seconds apart at dinner one night in the D.R. Moods change quickly around these parts for more than one of us.

Matt - Peanut does miss you. But maybe not as much as you hoped she would. Sorry.