Thursday, June 18, 2009

Degaje (Orthodontics in Haiti)

This photo is from late May when the parental unit visited. Paige had a loose wire and my Dad, the multi-talented one, jumped in to fix her up. I am sure her orthodontist would be impressed.

If one word were used to describe the way of life in Haiti, it would be - degaje. In most situations things don't go as planned, you don't have the right tools, the right people, the right paperwork or the right attitude to complete your daily tasks. When this happens you do what the Haitians do, which is to "make do" or to make it work - known as - degaje (pronounced d'egg - ah -jay).

The team has been busy doing a VBS for kids at one of the houses and a Nanny Training School at the other. I miss out on a lot of the action being home with my babies but Beth reports that the Nanny training is going very well and that the room of 43 nannies yesterday sat in rapt attention as they learned about attachment. Today we expect 47 in that class.

Our kids are invited to VBS. Troy dropped Hope, Isaac, Noah and Phoebe on Tuesday morning. Noah immediately got squirrely. He told Troy he wanted to go home. Phoebe was thrilled to be part of the action and skipped off to find some fun. Yesterday Isaac and Hope were all chatty and excited getting ready to go again and Noah turned to me and said, "Ma, they can go. *I* get to stay with you all day!!!" He announced it like he was spending the day doing something very special and unusual. More proof that he is not yet Kindergarten material. We love our baby Noah. He may never leave us.

Today we've got a busy day with prenatal class and the team. I am taking Noah over to a visiting Doctor to have her listen to his hack that is now on day 10. I coughed from midnight to 2am but finally gave it up and got a stellar, refreshing four hours of sleep. When I am dragging myself around at 2pm today, I will make do ... that might mean massive amounts of coffee, or laying down on the clinic room floor to take notes - either way - degaje.

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