Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Show me the money

(Show THEM the money).

I woke up to an email from a friend in Illinois who would like to put up another $2,600 matching grant. :-)

I will update the totals and clarify the numbers needed and the total goal later this week. For now, please get involved and don't stop spreading the word. We are not leaving money sitting on the table. No way.

Off to run.

** ALSO - A coffee shop in Brookings, SD is donating the June tip-jar to this cause ... stay tuned for that total.

***AND - I am going to change the chip-in meter to reflect the total match of $7,800. The first two matching grants will be received (Than you to both matching donors!) and now if you and I can raise another $2600 we will be given another $2,600 from the third matching donor.

Currently $10,400 has been raised, we're aiming for $15,600 and beyond. If you spread the word, that many more kids could be put on Medika Mamba in the coming months.

Donations from .38 cents per mile all the way to $20.00 per mile have been given ... and all pledges are appreciated!***