Thursday, June 25, 2009

Gratuitous Kid Pics and Some Bullet Points

Noah vomits then returns to saving the underwater world - except that it is not really underwater. Phoebe stands in awe of her brother and his super-human ability to puke and instantly return to playing. She also wonders if maybe he should not immediately go inside and eat an entire jar of Mayonnaise before he falls through his butt and chokes himself.
  • Right now 13 people reside on this plot of land called "Kay Troy" (house of Troy) (Don't ask where the extras came from ... it is complicated and kind of sort of temporary. I do not know when we became the hippie communal living types- it is all a blur)
  • Of the 13, here are the current up to the minute ailments: 9 with bad coughing ~ 2 with intermitent vomiting ~ 2 with heat rash ~ 1 with di-di ~ 1 with an ear ache ~ 10 reporting frequent headaches and low fevers ~only 3 claiming perfect health: Paige, Isaac and Annie - the last ones standing as it were. I am trying to figure out what those three have that differs from the rest of us... I thought it had something to do with being born on an even numbered day of an odd numbered month and also having an "a" and an "i" in your name. (11/30 ~ 9/18 ~ 11/26) If this is not the common link, I do not have any other bright ideas.
  • So, when are you coming over?
  • Batteries (read: fans) at Kay Troy crapped out at 4:20am. The 100 minutes that followed until the generator could be started were intensely challenging ones.
  • We do have an adoptive dad from NY coming to stay with us next week. (Hey Lancer!) We've warned him to bring a swine flu mask and a giant vat of anti-bacterial hand stuff in which to sit for the week. Because he is an attorney, he will be forced to sign waivers before he sets foot on our property.
  • Today at Womens Program Carsen (visiting for a month) taught the lesson and Paige translated. Nothing makes me grin like listening to Paige and her street-Creole.
  • There were a few crazy situations in the clinic room today, my pep is dwindling and won't allow for detailed story telling tonight. Suffice it to say, I think it would really stink to have to live in a place where doctors do (questionable) things to you without explaining what they did or why they did it!
  • 9 mile training run tomorrow. Beth is joining me. Still hoping for 26K for Mamba.
From the archives of late May: Grandma with the three girls right before she left last month. No one ever accused these three of being uber cooperative.