Monday, June 01, 2009


We successfully completed stage one of the swap.  As we looked at six kids piled into the car we realized that we have NEVER taken all of them out at once. Before Phoebe and Lydie we would all go out ... back in the Britt days. Something changed in us when those two joined us and Britt moved out. We lost our fight, or we got wimpy - or something.  

Jeronne tried to tell me that Lydie should not come with us.  She apparently has no faith in our ability to do all the kids without her help.  I assured her that we were an hour away if things got bad I would drop Lydie to her.  She loved that idea and is probably praying we fail. ;) 

Most of this week will likely be devoted to keeping our kids in line  - I am not sure we will really be much help to Lori or Zach - we'll see I guess. We also need to go visit a bunch of people out near our old house and check in on a few things ... we plan to do all of this as a family and test the power of our love and patience for one another. :)  Last night when Lydie and Phoebe refused to go to bed even though they were corn-holio tired we had a chance to exhibit superior patience skills.  This is going to be hard core family bonding week.

Day 1 of training was not so encouraging to me, but it is one day  - I covered the distance and tomorrow is a new day. Running is hit and miss, there are days you feel like a 102 year old and days you feel like a super-star.  Unfortunately the super star days are few and far between.

Paige is anxious to work in the clinic a lot on Tues-Wed-Thurs -- she has a bad cough we're hoping it is not anything serious. Lori will listen to her today to be sure.

Today is a tough day for Licia, Lori and big Z. - it is the 4th anniversary of the day they lost their Mom and Wife.  We met them three years ago and were never blessed to know Gretchen Zachary. Her legacy lives on through the work of her daughters and husband  -- and also a son in Washington who will one day return with his wife and daughter to work with his family here. Grief is a crazy thing and it comes in waves - four years does not necessarily take away the pain of their loss so we just ask that you might pray for their hearts today as they remember their Mom and Wife.

With Love from Cazale -
the 8 of us

(Photo - Amos and Story Ivey with Troy and four small Livesays)