Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Father of Many!

Posted by Britt in Waco

I first met my dad when I was invited on his second date with my mom. It was in late October and we went to a local haunted hayride. It was the type of place that took guests out on the hayride & then dropped them, forcing them to walk back to their cars (the haunted part). After the ride portion was over, we started walking only to be met by a creepy disguised character. That was enough for me, so I asked Troy for a piggyback ride. He obligingly carried me the rest of the way. I was six years old.

Since then, there have been numerous other creepy, disguised characters in my life. Each time, I have been blessed to be carried & protected by my dad. Sometimes I did not always accept or deserve the piggyback offer, but there was never a time that he wasn’t there – selflessly offering his love & guidance.

When my parents first married, I wasn’t quite sure how Troy & I (then eight years old) would relate, and because of that I made the first couple of years kind of hard. Eventually, we gained each other’s trust; we both remember this as almost one single, “clicking” moment during a summer evening float on the lake in our backyard.

The thing that strikes me about my dad is that he made a choice to be involved in my life and to build a lasting relationship with me, his non-biological daughter. I have been incredibly honored by the way he has continually loved and cherished me. He, probably more than anyone else, has taught me so many of life's lessons and has played a huge role in shaping me into the person that I am today. I have many fond memories of drives in Haiti & afternoons on the lake, sharing conversations and talking through things big and small.

As most can clearly see, he has always had more responsibility in his life than the “norm” for his age. Yet, he is still the most patient person I know.

As they grow up, I hope that my siblings will recognize what an amazing father they’ve been given --- and that he’s there to give them piggyback rides through life, too.

I love you, Dad. Thanks for always sticking by me, even when it would have been easier to give up. Hope you have a wonderful 34th Birthday in the DR!