Wednesday, June 03, 2009

put a fork in it

We have not processed  today yet ... but it involved these things and more:
  • 4:22am first kid awake - 5am second kid - 5:25 third kid ... give up - they win
  • visiting  friends  that we love and miss a lot and hearing that things are not so good for them right now - realizing how much we miss them in our lives
  • visiting granny and sophia and glimpsing just a tiny bit of the heavy burden and responsibility an old woman raising small children has in haiti (and also delivered hope in the form of a gift from a reader) (you would need to be a looong time reader to remember the story of soph and gran)
  • lori grabbed a few patients and shared their stories as we observed in the clinic - a tiny 16 year old with incurable and difficult skin and joint disease, another teenage boy the size of Isaac in the rescue center, a 3 1/2 year old boy that weighs 13 pounds
{We spent a month in haiti one day.}
  • blessed by the prayers of hope and isaac for the 3 1/2 year old boy (tears tears more tears) they were moved - their prayers were moving
  • blessed by the mountains and river and hills on my run this morning
  • blessed by paige and seeing her use her gifts here
  • blessed by a sweet husband that understands me better than i understand me
  • blessed by the hearts of Licia and Lori and their desire to serve and serve and serve
And now, the bed is calling me. 
Photos when time allows.