Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Medika Mamba Graduates at RHFH Rescue Center


To graduate, the child reaches the weight that is considered the median weight for their age and gender - these weight standards are set by the World Health Organization. (WHO)

For those that may not know, the swelling you may notice in many before photos is called Kwashiorkor. (Look at Evenson's legs in this post or on the top left side of the blog, notice Renald's feet.) It is mainly caused by a poor diet with little to no protein in it. It looks less shocking than a child who is skin and bones but this form of malnutrition is very dangerous. The prognosis is better for kids who have not yet developed kwashiorkor.

This is what wisegeek.com says about it ... Kwashiorkor is a disease which appears to be caused through severe malnutrition, and it primarily impacts children. It is most common in developing nations, where famine conditions can bring about the disease.

The disease was first identified and described in the 1930s in Ghana. The word kwashiorkor comes from the Ga language, which is widely spoken in many parts of Ghana. It literally means “one who is physically displaced,” a reference to the fact that the disease emerges in children who have just been weaned off of breast milk. When the disease is not immediately addressed, it can cause severe disabilities. If left untreated, kwashiorkor can lead to death.

Wikipedia's page about Kwashiorkor

The Medika Mamba is rich in nutrients and protein and is turning things around fairly quickly for these malnourished kids. Be encouraged!