Tuesday, June 09, 2009

why do today what you can put off until tomorrow

Once again, procrastination brings down the house of Troy. About six hours ago it hit us that our federal tax filing extension ends on June 15. We've done nothing to move toward the goal of e-filing ... short of the decision made on April 15 to take the automatic 60 day extension.

Troy keeps asking things that I don't know the answers to ... we sold a house in 2008. The date of closing? The price? How long we owned it? Uuuhhh. Let's see? How many times can I say, "I don't remember." in one evening ? **

Keeping track of USA stuff while living elsewhere seems like it might be something only incredibly intelligent people can do. Plus, that stuff hardly seems relevant to anything at all right now. Let us just say our personal record keeping skills would not impress very many people ... especially not the IRS. Sigh. Every so often I glance at his deeply-concentrated face staring at the turbo tax forms on his laptop - and in that moment ... I thank God that early in our marriage taxes were assigned to him. Poor sucker.

I fully expect that within the hour he will be researching how to file for another extension.

** so far the answer is 31

UPDATE: 12:45 am - This is Troy - I've officially thrown in the towel...currently printing off the form to file an extension...planning on seeking professional help...looking for a tax professional adept at navigating the intricacies of the IRS while juggling many complications including but not limited to: the foreign earned income credit, sale of a home, missionary/religious employment, adopted children, a college student, self employment taxes, and a general lack of any clue whatsoever. I give up.

Oh, and I also need to find someone currently in Haiti that is leaving here in the next four days to mail this form in for me...and I have to find them tomorrow. Ugh.

Yes, Tara was right. Again.