Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Our house will smell for an eternity

Phoebe loves beauty products. She loves dumping them out more than anything. Whatever she finds - she dumps. The other day she put about $18 of age defying cream on her scalp. Her scalp looks like that of a newborn baby now!

I was gone at Women's program today when Phoebe put red nail polish all over her hands and feet, not just the nails. Troy (in his infinite wisdom) assigned ISAAC to remove the polish, and then he left the house. (Don't ask how he came up with that plan... he's slipping badly as he nears the ripe old age of 34 this Thursday).

Isaac took charge. That is the kind of man Ike is when given a task. He used a bottle of Eternity cologne for men and removed all of the polish with it. No detectives were needed to figure it out - it smells like the 9th grade boys locker room before a school dance here.

When questioned, Isaac said "it looked like polish remover".

Phoebe smells like a man on the prowl, Troy is out of cologne, and Isaac accomplished his task.
The End.