Saturday, June 06, 2009

Tucking in Another Week

  • We are back in P-A-P. Good to be home, very sad to leave Cazale, a paradox of sorts.
  • Licia - I love you so much. I hate your stinkin waterbed. How do you sleep on that thing woman? I am running a race to buy you a new bed next.
  • We were totally blessed by our time in Cazale. It re-focused some things that had become quite blurry due to some family hurts and personal disappointments this year. Refocusing is a great feeling.
  • I missed Beth and realize that I am not as much of a country/loner person as I sometimes think. Our ten months away from "compound" village living have led us to rely on a close community of friends that exists in the city.
  • Troy missed John and that really scares him a lot. Why would a person miss that odd duck? He may not like that I am sharing this.
  • Our kids were great out there. We thought they might gripe or whine but all in all they knocked our socks off. The day Lori plopped Renald in my arms I went upstairs to have my weep-fest privately and show Troy. Hope said, "Ma, what is wrong with that baby?" I told her he was not a baby but a three and half year old that was very sick and hungry. She said, "Well Ma, let's feed him!" (Like DUH!) I explained it all to Hope and Ike walked in during that time and Isaac said, "Ma we need to pray for him." (Meanwhile Troy is snapping photos.) And that is when I really melted-down. My kids were born into that sort of poverty and they've been elevated from it - thank you God! - their prayers for Renald touched deeper nerves in me as an adoptive parent. Renald and the whole crew out in Cazale are heavy on our hearts tonight and we'd ask you all to pray for them and their recovery. I cannot reconcile it and I won't even try.
  • I have some thoughts about mission teams and ways in which they could support missionaries like Lori and Licia better ... and tips for not hurting people that are trying hard to do their best - but they are not fully developed thoughts yet - more later.
  • We are very blessed to have a home that is separate from our ministry/work. For those missionaries living at work, please pray they make time for breaks. Support them when they rest. It is healthy and good to step away every so often.
  • It is almost time for the Troy and Tara leave their kids for four days alone together in the D.R. where we talk and talk and other things trip. The last time we went away for more than one night without any of our kids - March 2005. There are no words to describe the anticipation surrounding these four days. No.words. Giddy and euphoric come close but still don't properly convey the excitement.
  • For three years John McHoul has been asking me to take one of his Mastiffs - for three years I have said NO! - he caught me in a weak moment and for some reason I said yes last Thursday. We are now a two dog family. Meet Dolly. She is Peanut's sister (same litter). With a 100% cement yard - I am sure I will soon be cursing myself for taking her. On the bright side, two dogs make better security than one and they do like each other.
  • We are praying about our kids' schooling for the next school year. We want to make the best decision and have some things to sort through. Indecision is not a comfy place, please pray we get peace about our options/decision.
  • I have decided to only report on running once a week - only on the weekend. This way if you hate running talk you can skip the weekend post. The first week of training was fairly easy. I run four days a week with the plan I am following and that seems totally doable. The first week only had 15 total miles which was actually a drop from my regular miles but I have been fighting a hamstring injury since early May so it seemed wise to just go with the training plan. The training peeks at 40 miles in one week in early September.
  • I went to the lone missionary Chiropractor in Haiti. She was awesome. I loved her instantly. She informed me that my left hip was higher than my right and it was lucky I did not ignore the hamstring injury because it was a direct result of the pelvis being off kilter.
  • Mentally I am tough enough to do this training ... physically I will need to rely on smart training, ice, ibuprofen, prayers and this awesome Chiropractor. Did I mention I am not a natural runner? Loving the cause and the high of reaching a goal will fuel the next 17 weeks of running.
  • I found a second great place to do long runs. Global is a mission in Titanyen that also kindly agreed to let me run their perimeter for long runs on Fridays. Thanks Tim!
  • How amazing would it be if we blow away the $5200 goal? Each and every one of you that have donated to this Medika Mamba project have blessed me and Troy and the Zachary's and World Wide Village and our future Mamba partners and most importantly, the beautiful children of Haiti. I am hopeful - I believe that together we can make this a really big miracle-sized project. Saving ONE child is worth every penny donated, but knowing we're talking about at least 100 or more kids is pretty darn exciting, don't you think? Their eyes speak volumes ... Renewed hope, renewed strength, renewed spirits.
  • Thank you for loving these worthy kiddos. Thank you for getting involved. It matters!