Thursday, January 05, 2006

Britt feeling 'bloggy'

(I am still in Texas. I was the lucky one voted to fly one-way back to Minnesota with Noah. There is no way he could do a 24 hour car ride ... so I benefit! My family left yesterday and are somewhere in the middle of the USA. Here is Noah in a less than happy moment of our vacation.)

I am feeling compelled to share a 'praise' and thankfulness that I am overwhelmed with right now. I want to thank God for giving us this awesome vacation and the perfect timing of renting out the house (even though it was really not fun leaving). I am just really thankful for the two weeks that I got to spend in this beautiful part of the country and for the perfect weather. I also am SO thankful for the perfect timing of this trip and how great it all worked out that we all got to be together one last time.

It feels bittersweet. Currently, I am sort of dreading leaving here (Texas/paradise/vacation/away-from-reality). Not just because it is a beautiful place and has been a blast, but because of what going back means. Returning to Minnesota means a month long of good-byes. Thinking about it makes me feel really sad but at the same time excited. It is just the weirdest feeling. I am happy to be going to Haiti and know that it is God's perfect plan for me and my family. "....To everything there is a season, a purpose for everything under the sun...."
Reality is sinking in. Please pray that we are all able to get through the next month. I know that the devil will definitely seize up this time to attack us and veer us off the right path. I just pray specifically for smooth transitions. As Dad leaves mid-month and we are left without him; I just pray that we all remain tight (w/ each other) and tight with God. I also pray that I become closer to God and be able to grow a lot on this crazy journey before us.
Jeremiah 29:11.
PS- I get my wisdom teeth pulled out on Monday. I am a little nervous, if you think of it please pray for me.