Monday, January 30, 2006


The kids and I had a great weekend together and had fun with Porter relatives on Sunday night.

Troy has been very busy, and when it comes time to sit down and report he has either been too tired, or without internet. They are having a few problems with the generator so he has been losing his connection off and on it is hard to motivate yourself to write somthing if you think it will get lost.

The container cleared customs, they got all the stuff up to the mission. They worked more on the building project, went to church, went to the open market in Archaie, took the team to a restaurant on the beach about 40 minutes north of the mission and other things that I am forgetting. Today was a big day as the second construction team arrives and overlaps for one night with the first team. I think he said 30 people in the house for tonight.

We have some organizing and packing to do here, and one more immunization appointment today. We are accutely aware of God's hand on us all, both in Minnesota and LaDigue. We are so thankful for that!