Thursday, January 26, 2006

On Troy's Post Below

You may notice that Troy's post is a report on "Thursday". Well, I saved him from himself once already and now I have decided it is more fun to tease him than it is to save him. In a post earlier this week he was off on the day and I changed it. He is experiencing a common problem for Americans in Haiti.

It is impossible to tell what day it is there unless you are committed to waking up and going to the calendar ... but then you would have to have done it the day before and the day before ... and you get the point. Troy has not been doing that. Britt just said "He had issues in America, so what do you expect?" HA.

So, to reduce your confusion ... no Troy did not do all that he said he did by 5:22am on Thursday(which is today) --- he actually did that on Wednesday (yesterday.)
(Does this look like a man who would trouble himself with silly details, or insignificant things, like calendars????)

"We tease because we love." ~Porter Family Motto