Friday, January 20, 2006

Shopping for chicken in Haiti

Here is the rundown:
Fixed things (lights, truck horn, other truck seat)
Cleaned things (house, office, extra rooms, kitchen)
Broke one thing (playing with electricity, trying to fix something)
Shopped for some food things (in Archaie, the nearest "large" town)
Moved furniture things for upcoming mission team visit
Spent some time this afternoon sitting with the head cook and her family in the village.

Today's best tidbit, as decided by moi:

Here is a tip, if you find yourself shopping for chicken in large quantities at an importer/distributor in a third-world country...
Don't ask if you can have fifty pounds of said chicken in the form of chicken breasts.

Even if you have an interpreter, it doesn't work. Trust me on this. They find it very funny and apparently a strange request. I actually think they thought we were demented somehow.

Since this experience, I have been taking special note of the chickens in the area (including those on our property here). They do have that part of the body, but I guess I just can't ask for it. Another adjustment to make, I suppose.

I'm wiped out after a big day, and looking forward to a shower and some rest. I wish you all well.

I had a great time talking to (over the internet with a web-cam) and seeing my lovely wife and three littlest ones at home tonight. Britt & Paige - I love you and miss you, I'll hopefully talk to you soon. :)