Monday, January 16, 2006


So ... yes, these are some of our friends that we will miss. The ones we won't miss aren't pictured. KIDDING! We don't have pictures of everyone. We WANT to have pictures of everyone. Maybe if you are a good friend you will mail us one, that way we would have an updated photo of you for our refridgerator in Haiti. (This is a guilt trip, please respond accordingly.)

There are two really new babies (pictured) that we got to kiss this weekend. There are FOUR babies coming in 2006. (Belonging to three couples above, but not Kris and Amie because they both have husbands and are not a couple...phew!) If we are not one of the first to recieve news of the birth/adoption of the four 2006 babies, we will not be happy. Make a note of that. We love babies.

We'll be watching the mail.