Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Paige's note below

I decided to let Paige post before I helped with proof reading ... I think you can figure out what she was saying. Don't worry, I am now printing it for her to revise and correct. ;)

The other day I was listening to her play with her friend. Most 11 year old girls play make-believe by playing house, or something like it. I remember playing restaurant and having a medical clinic with my cousin Shey when we were little.

While I was listening to them I heard Paige say, "Please ma'am, this is Isaac's valid passport, it is all we have, please let him in." HA...I got a kick out of that. I asked her later about it and she said "Yeah, that game is fun, it is called the passport game."

Have a great Tuesday! Troy said he was going to try and find time to update us all later today.