Tuesday, January 31, 2006

From Paige

Hi all,
I am geting so excited to move! I can not wait to go and serve God in Haiti. It seems a little overwellming beacuse we all had to get some "shocks" (as ike calles them) (he means - shots.) My mom, Britt, Ike, and I went to get shots yesterday. The nurse thought that we were crazy. SHe said: You're bringing all these kids?" "you have two more?" and "thats a mager undertaking". So as you can tell a lot of people think we are crazy.
Some people don't understand why would you want to leave all the things you have? I am so willing to go and do this. Right now I am so pumped to go. I would want go tomaro. I know that it will be hard to be away from family and friends but I want to go and serve God so much that it is worth it.
I know that my dad is doing so well in Haiti. I know that it is beacuse we have so many people praying for him. We all can tell that God is with him. So that makes us want to go be with him even more!
Please keep praying for us!