Saturday, January 07, 2006

Do we live here?

So, we moved out of our house in Zimmerman on December 19th. We stayed in Big Lake until December 24th. We stayed in Texas until January 4th. We stayed in our second hotel room on the way home from Texas last night.

When we walked into the room Isaac said "Is THIS our home? Do we live HERE?" He is grinning ear to ear like usual so it does not seem to be affecting his attitude...but he is definitely confused about all of this moving around.

We have final confirmation in the form of an airline ticket, that Troy will be leaving at 6am on January 18th. The six of us will spend the next 11 days fighting over him. He finishes up his work with TDS on Friday the 13th. He has loved his job and the people he works with, he said he cannot remember ever feeling sad to leave a job but in this case he is.

We continue to feel your prayers and love, and for that we THANK-You!