Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Counting down in Big Lake

We are inside the two week mark to go join Troy. We are so exicted! I for one, was MORE excited prior to reading Troy's post that made reference to "rodents."

Almost all of us have one real phobia ... don't we?

I cannot tell you how horribly terrified I am of all things in the rodent family. I don't know the difference between mice and rats but I know that they are both grotesque.

Troy, PLEASE do not mention them ever again ... I plan to get through this with denial. You are not helping me.

Noah just walked and saw the picture of the rat and said "Puppy!!!"
Let's hope he never gets a hold of a rat in Haiti, he'll pet it!

I miss you Troy! You have two weeks to remove all rodents from the village. Get to it.