Monday, January 16, 2006

Monday Night Madness

Troy is on the phone ... and on the phone...and on the phone. So I may as well update you. Today we officially used up our last active brain cells. Troy determined that he needs a police report to bring to Haiti saying that he is not a criminal. (There is some irony there.) That police report is in our adoption paper work at a friends house in St.Paul. (Don't ask.) Then we realized we forgot to give the guitar to Troy's friend Jim, for safe keeping, even though we were with him for lunch and talked about the hand-off. (Troy's Taylor guitar is his baby, Jim is trusted.) Then Troy went to St.Cloud for one immunization because our regular Dr. did not have it. He goes tomorrow for the other two. Troy will not be getting Hepatitis A, B or Typhoid Fever. Nice. Nothing like waiting till the last minute though.

Then we registered with the State Dept and filled out our Agape mail application. (The way we will get mail in Haiti.) Then we called American Airlines to ask about weight restrictions on the luggage because it changes now and then. While we were chatting with the AA reservations lady she asked "So, you said you are going to Haiti? Let me pull up your reservations." She went on to tell us that Troy's one-way ticket to Haiti on Wednesday would not be honored without having either a visa OR a return (round-trip) ticket. That was news to us. (He has a visa, but it is not in his hands yet, it is in Haiti waiting for him.) It definitely felt like divine intervention. (Actually, I am sure it was.) Had Troy shown up at 5am on Wednesday, they would have turned him away or required him to buy a new ticket at a hefty price. Lifeline spent the afternoon fixing that situation and we are back on track for a Wednesday 6am departure.

Dad took us to dinner tonight, Troy's last time to Applebee's for a long while ... unless they discover a market for the "Neigborhood Bar and Grill" in Haiti. Seems unlikely.

Tomorrow once we get rid of the guitar, find the police report and get immunized, we (the whole gang) are going to go do something fun ... maybe a museum or something, just to get away and be together where there is no phone or computer so we can enjoy some family time before life changes. That's my version of today's news. Troy promises a post before he leaves. ~Tara