Sunday, January 22, 2006

Debbie Downer

I 've been enjoying a really great week and have been staying very positive & focused ... that is, until late this afternoon when I threw a little pity party, where I was the only one in attendance. I just miss Troy now. The pity party did not seem to make me miss him less. How lame is that?

I keep thinking back to the sermons I heard at Chuch of the Open Door last Saturday and then at New Joy on Sunday. Two sermons in a row made reference to the healing at the pool in John 5:3-8, where the guy is laying there (for 38 years)complaining that he cannot get to the pool to be healed and Jesus says "Get up, pick up your mat and walk. (You can almost imagine Jesus saying 'you BIG baby'!)

That story can be used to teach many lessons, but both of the sermons we heard last week talked about getting your eyes off of your circumstances, and onto God the Father who is bigger than any circumstance and able to deliver you from whatever it is *IF* you let Him. That would mean letting Him.

Feeling sorry for yourself is such a waste of time and energy. Being self focused and negative is so empty and boring. The world is full of real problems and serious issues, so I am going to get over it now.