Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Briefly this evening ...

Troy was waiting to pick up the boss-people at the airport last time I talked to him. Phoebe was trying out a new thing where she throws things she does not want. Somehow he ended up with Moutain Dew all over the place... Maybe 10 month olds should not have Mt. Dew?

Tess is super-cool. (Photo above) The kids all gave her the stamp of approval. They also acted more wound up then usual so she got a fair sampling of their personalities. Please continue to pray that this all comes together. Tess is doing this for almost nothing at all, as a ministry to us and in turn to Haiti. We continue to pray for proper management of her Graves Disease and that all the details for January will fall into place. We are basically waiting for Britt to choose a school so we know what date she will be settled in and ready to start, and we also need to replace our renter by January 1. Once those two things are nailed down we will book return tickets. Troy is booked round-trip, the rest of us are not. We're anxious to see how God will work it all out.

Phoebe has a consulation scheduled that won't break the bank. The original one that we scheduled was crazy expensive (they were hesitant to give info over the phone but told me to plan on it being $1,000) but after using your tips and advice we found a Dr. who can give us a better idea about what is going on without causing us to skip dinner for two months. The people we spoke with all seemed to think it would be better to see her sooner rather then later. Thank you for all your suggestions.

I have shared with Isaac that there are more then a few gals interested in calling themselves his wife someday. He would like to meet all of you. :-) He plans to be a Pastor or a golfer -- or a soccer player on the same soccer team as Jesus. Do you want to withdraw your daughters from the competition ?