Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tick tock tick tock

Troy called while pacing the PAP airport with Phoebe waiting to board the plane. I have not heard from him since then, hoping he is in Miami and all is well. He had a SUPER LONG lay-over there. At least we know Phoebe has socks for the long layover. :) I am envisioning them at Chili's eating a giant U.S. Beef Hamburger. Hopefully Phoebe shares some of it with her daddy.

While I doubt the reunion will look exactly like the Jib-Jab video -- maybe less fancy moves --- and probably no disco lighting --- but there will be tears. Just hearing he was headed this direction made me cry today. I worked hard to keep my game-face on this last month ... it feels good to let down the tough-guy act and just cry like the big baby that I am.

The little kids are getting the partial story of when their dad gets in to town. They would never fall asleep if they thought he was coming tonight, so we're not so much playing up the fact that he will arrive late tonight, but more that he will be here in the morning when they wake up.

Lisa (bestfriend from all the way back to 5th grade) met up with us for some errands and lunch today. I grew up camping with Lisa's family. Her mom and dad just retired and moved "up north." This is a very MN thing to do, it just means they are no longer in the Twin Cities greater metro area. "Up North" sort of encompasses 80% of the state of MN. I enjoyed learning today that her mom drives into the nearby town to use the wireless internet in a hotel parking lot. I chuckle thinking of Jill in the van checking her email and blogs. In Haiti they call that 'Degaje' - Who needs internet when you have a free hotel option? It might get cold come January though ... and at that point you'd need to take serious note of the fuel used to heat your vehicle while stealing --- ah-hem, I mean borrowing, Internet.

The goal of our meeting was to make the day pass quickly. We used her Costco membership to get Phoebe plenty of diapers and some formula. Costco really is an amazing adventure in and of itself. Isaac, Hope and Noah made it easy for me and just asked that for Christmas they could have one of everything in the toy section. Those kids just give give give I tell you. (Begging drives me nuts -- it is easy to live where there is nothing to beg for -- year round.)

I enjoyed introducing Amie to Lisa last weekend. One of my favorite moments was when Lisa, in a serious tone, offered condolances to Amie on the passing of NASCAR great Dale Ernheart (or however you spell his name.) Poor Amie never got a break from being teased about her southern roots. She claims to hate NASCAR, but I don't know if I believe her.

Isaac asked when *I* might lose a tooth. I assured him it would not happen until we up and move to North Carolina ... and at that point it would just be a way to fit in with the locals. Man I feel punchy. I'm alienating our NC contingent ... I better go busy myself with something other than teasing Jill and Amie.

Britt, Paige and I are taking power-naps before we head into MSP late this evening. HURRAY!!!!!!!! If we end up breaking into any sort of dance, we'll have the girls video it.

Late EDIT - 7pm Central - They are in Miami. Phoebe hates sitting still but ate a brochure to make herself happier. Troy went with Buffalo Wings rather then a burger. When I asked him what he would do to pass the next hour or two he said that Phoebe has on red, white and blue but has pink barrettes on the ends of her braids ... he was planning to switch that out and make her look like the total USA package.

Who is that man, and what has he done with my husband? :)