Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nut Dog and Nuts

The good news:
Nut Dog will never have a crisis pregnancy. I will never have to deal with unplanned Dingo-Mastiff puppies. She is barren. As of today her reproductive options are seriously limited. If she wants children she will need to get a homestudy done and adopt.

The bad news:
The vet charged $70 more then he quoted. The Vet and Avis ... don't use them ... AND, Peanut does not understand that the cone on her head is bigger than her head and she smacks into walls and things. She got stuck on the knob on the kitchen cabinet and seemed to not have any solution for getting unstuck. She is doing well other than that. She is the nicest dog ever. She acts like nothing changed and is not being weird about her new temporary home.

Troy made a good point on the phone tonight. In Haiti people beg for money and you feel the constant pressure of that decision. In America they just take it from you. He thinks maybe being asked is better than being taken. I concur.

Above, to the left, is the dog loving Britt during her portion of the drive. That photo was taken somewhere between Chattanooga, TN and Champaign/Urbana. To the right, Paige, Britt (and Noah) -- not having their senses assaulted by old ladies showering nude in the Junior High locker room. Cute little swimmer girls, aren't they?

I need to thank you all for not telling me I am dumb to be nervous. I appreciated the nice comments. But mostly I liked that no one said, "Oh you idiot; I have 16 kids and no husband, I live in a van down by the river and I am pregnant with triplets and you are stupid to be nervous. Get over it."

No one even said it was odd to be scared. Which is good because odd or not, I am scared. As much as I researched and googled it -- I cannot find the statistics about what percentage of babies are bad. 1 in 7 - 1 in 20 or even less??? I am not sure what the odds are. Here is hoping my lucky streak is not over.

Troy remembers Noah as being a difficult newborn. I don't. Maybe that is a good sign. Maybe I already had my one bad baby. The odds are improving.

The one fact pointed out to me that I have neglected to focus on in recent days ... God makes no mistakes.

I actually did not plan Britt. A senior in High School usually doesn't. I did not plan Paige. A divorced young mom of one usually doesn't. I truly did not plan Noah because we had two brand spanking new wonderful little Haitian Sensations and we thought we were infertile. So, this pregnancy makes four kids that I did not plan. Basically, our adoptions we planned for and actively sought ... pregnancy is something that I am incapable of planning.

Surely God knows what He is doing ... like you so kindly and gently reminded me. (You do know, don't you Lord?)

Anyway- thanks for understanding and allowing it to be vented.

Cute things said today-

Isaac- "Mooooom, Noah just called me fat!"
Me- smiling
Isaac- "I am not even pregnant!"

Isaac- "Mom, Noah is harassing me." (Had no idea he knew that word.)

Me- (ranting a bit) - "Guys, WHY do I need to get mad and raise my voice before you'll listen? Are you not capable of listening the first time I ask something?"
Isaac (answering my rhetorical question)- "Absolutely!"
(sadly, I think he is right)

Noah- (To Troy on the phone) "Hi daddy, I yove you sooo much. Is Phoebe there? Can I talk to her? Can I hear her say 'Da Da' - I miss you daddy. Are you in Haiti? Okay bye daddy." (drops phone runs to next activity before Troy can even respond)

Goodnight all.

Thursday --- HAPPY BIRTHDAY Laura Livesay!!!