Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Weekend

Hope and Ike are back at school. Today was purple day ... we all agreed that most kids would not have purple to wear and not to worry about it. It was 40 degrees when we got up this morning so they chose sweatshirts. It is so cute how excited they are to get their backpacks on and go.
The other night when we were praying for Troy and Phoebe I asked the Lord to be with Troy and Phoebe and to keep them safe, then I prayed that He would be with us and help us too. When I finished Isaac said, "Well, is Jesus in Haiti with Dad and Phoebe or is He here in America with us?" :)

Britt got her photo in the local paper. (above) It said something about "Britt and the rest of the Rangers team took 9th ..." which is kind of funny for a girl who has been on the team for less days than any other swimmer. She was sheepish about it and said she would not blame the other swimmers for being annoyed.

Noah is spending the day with Grandma Livesay. At first he was mad about it and wanted me to stay with him all day ... but when we got there and he saw the toys, his Grandma AND TWO DOGS --- two new dogs to chase... he was totally indifferent to my departure. I have never seen a little boy that loves dogs and cats so much.

One of the dogs at Grandma's house is the dog that once belonged to us. Noah has no memory of "Farley" (named after the late, great, Chris Farley) because we had to give her to Troy's parents when Hope and Isaac came home from Haiti. Farley did not really dig having little kids come into her house and take away her spot as the baby. Since that time she has been spoiled rotten by Troy's parents and is a fat, fat Cocker Spaniel. She also now has only three legs ... which is not really all that funny on the surface --- but for whatever reason it entertains us. Noah did not notice the missing leg until I pointed it out this morning. He barely said goodbye when I left ... which for him is amazing. He usually flips into high-drama mode at the mention of being separated.

Paige and I are at the library. She is currently studying for a spelling test that will be given to her in about 12 minutes. We're planning to stay here and do school until it is time to go to swim practice.

This morning we learned that our renter ... you know, the WONDERFUL renter that I never want to lose --- well, she is buying a house later this year. When I talked to Troy he was all positive and unaffected ... which is really nice --- but maybe a tiny bit annoying too. What if a girl just wants to commiserate a bit?
Troy said, "Hey, I think it is great that she is leaving now when we are in MN to screen and find a new renter and deal with the whole thing." (I love you Troy - you are rock solid. Someday soon I will learn to be more like you -- just not today.)

After I hung up Paige asked what he thought. I repeated what he said and she said, "How can he always be so up and positive? If someone told him the sky was falling he would just say -- Yeah well at least we know that it is falling ahead of time!"
I am SO glad that God is in BOTH Haiti and MN (even if Isaac is unsure) because I need His peace to help me with the new prospect of finding someone else to trust with our home ... or making a decision if we need to do something other than finding another renter. Another decision ... you know how I feel about that.

wwwwaaaaaah wah.
Wishing you all a great weekend.
Love, your friend,
Debbie Downer