Tuesday, September 11, 2007

While you were sleeping ...

I was not.

And that is why I am going slowly crazy.

Topics Googled this early morning:
1. 7th Child
2. How often do children have Colic?
3. How can I tell if my baby will be easy?
5. Pregnancy Insomnia
6. Babies conceived in January - are they super-duper nice little babies?

I learned almost nothing.

78% of women experience insomnia during pregnancy. So, there is that. This is the singular piece of information that seemed like it might be accurate.

I was hoping to find more useful information. If there were something out there that said, "The 7th child is always a perfect angel," I might be able to go back to bed and fall asleep peacefully. But no. There is nothing that says that. Not anywhere. On the bright side I did not find anything that said 7th children- have worse diapers, more frequent bowel movements, more crying jags, cost more to raise, do more time behind bars, or are generally a terrible problem for their parents.

Here is what I did find. Take a look at these gems, useful pieces of information, are they not? (And, the main reason the Internet is called the InterNOT by my husband.)

"Rayid has been formulated over the last 25 years in America by Denny Johnson. It is an ongoing evolving system that began as an accurate, original and unique way of reading the eye. Because of the popularity of Rayid in South America where most eyes are very dark, Denny formulated another original method of consultation. This is the remarkable system of Rayid birth order.

Combining birth order with the iris has created perhaps one of the most powerful tools available to understand an individual. The main purpose of Rayid is to assist the individual towards his/her potential by maximising the genetic gifts.

Rayid birth order is a very accurate indicator of personality type and the likely life path of an individual. By understanding the different birth order positions you learn about yourself and your children. Each child is unique and needs very different parental guidance from other siblings. By understanding birth position you can assist your child to reach their potential by bringing out their innate gifts. This knowledge is truly exciting. There are six different types of male siblings and six female sibling types. Boys one to six in the family each have unique personalities, interests and gifts. Girls one to six are all very different from each other as well. If there is a 7th child it will behave like the first etc. By understanding birth order one understands yourself and/or your children." (7th child behaving like first is a good thing ... if true.)


"Vaz da Silva created a complex formula—he calls it his "Trinity" or "Triune" equation—to describe this phenomenon of Otherness found in seventh-born children. Simply stated, the equation shows how the seventh born child is removed from the family since his or her birth disrupts the Trinity pattern (two groups of three children have come before it). The last-born is therefore not fully connected with the social world. Its association with the number seven means that the child shares its existence with the realm of the dead, since in Iberian folklore the last seven years of a person's life are spent between living and death. By assigning the first-born the position of godparent to the last-born, the older sibling brings the youngest closer to the family and aids in the child's integration into the land of the living." (This guy also says 7th children turn into werewolves.) (Isn't this wonderfully valuable and credible information?)


Flavor Flav expecting his seventh child - Flavor Flav (real name William Drayton Jr.), 47, founded the hip-hop group Public Enemy in the '80s. (Hey, if Flavor Flav can do it ... certainly T & T can!?!?!?!!!!)


Malcom X was a 7th child - In African mythological culture it is believed that the seventh child will emerge as a leader of his people. (Dad - did you know Malcom X was born in Omaha, Nebraska?) (If you are not African can your child emerge as a leader?)


Somewhat unrelated but still located based on these life-changing google searches-

Charles Darwin's 7th kid, "Frank" was a botonist. Frank's mother and the wife to Charles, (Emma) was a devout Christian. (No equal yoking there!)

Lastly - still totally irrelevant ...

The Number 7

The number 7 is equally sacred amongst Islamic, Christian and Jewish religions. According to Jewish and Christian mythologies it took six days to create the world with the seventh day being the holiest day - a day of rest. The Bible, Zohar and other religious texts also recommend that fields were to be left fallow every seventh year as means of allowing the earth to regenerate itself. Some Christians believe the number 7 represents the seven levels of hell.

It is Hebrew tradition to mourn for a period of 7 days as well as celebrate holidays by lighting a menorah: a 7 branched candelabra.

The number 7 is associated with the colors violet, purple and plum.

7’s gemstone is amethyst.

Flowers associated with 7 are irises and deep purple roses.

Some common superstitions about the number 7 are:

* If your date of birth can be reduced to a single number that can be divided by seven then you will have a particularly lucky life.
* Shattering a mirror brings 7 years of bad luck.
* If you sing before 7 am then you will cry before 11 am.
* Wrapping her husband’s belt 7 times around a tree causes a woman to become fertile.
* The seventh child of a seventh child is said to have psychic powers.
* If you wash your hair on the 7th day of the month you will have trouble with the law.
* It is unlucky to get married April 7th or December 7th.
* If you dream about the number 7, you will soon meet a soul mate.

I already have my soul mate. Now what? I don't need to dream. I just need to sleep.