Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Silly Girls

I liked this story.

Paige and Britt walked into swim practice the other day. The pool has open lap swim for the "older" ladies and gents prior to their practice time.

Paige (who stands around talking to naked children in Haiti all the time) was totally scandalized and says to Britt under her breath, "They shower NAKED!?!?!??!?!"

Britt, being a bit more mature says, "Yeah ... that is typically the way it is done." Then as Paige continues to stir in her discomfort over the saggy old naked ladies, Britt says in Creole "Paige, ou ap gade konsa kek jou nan fitir!" which means- 'Paige, you are going to look
just like that someday!'

Paige shook her head in disbelief and walked away.

They have a way to communicate without anyone else knowing what they're saying. Creole is not so widely used in mid-Minnesota. It's a secret club.