Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ode to Isaac, By Paige

Five words that describe Isaac: Joyful, loving, caring, hyper, lovable.

Isaac is very joyful, he does not get down much. He is also very good at helping you when you are down. He will almost always make you laugh no matter what. He gives compliments and encouragement.

He is so very loving, he will tell and show you that about a hundred times a day. You will never feel unloved around Isaac.

He is also caring, he cares about you and your feelings very much. He would never do anything to hurt your feelings.

Isaac is so hyper. His joyfulness added to his hyperness is sometimes almost overwhelming. But it is still a good thing.

Last but not least Isaac is very lovable with his amazing smile and great characteristics. He is an awesome little brother and I am truly blessed to know him and be able to be his big sister.

Happy Birthday Ike!

(As the photo was being taken after school today he said, "Here is the six years old!")
We think he meant: Here is the SIX YEAR old. ;-)

P.S.- Happy Birthday to Nikki Petersen today too!