Thursday, September 13, 2007

Don't try this at home

I finally gave in and bought a French Silk Pie. No such excellence in chocolate-pie-goodness exists in Haiti. I dream of French Silk Pie. I made it more then two weeks before the big break-down. It is my favorite food group. Just as I feared, I ate three pieces in three hours and now I want to hurl. Uuuuuugh.

I had my OB appt today. I learned that in about 2 lbs I will pass Troy up and officially reach maximum density. That was BEFORE I ate the pie. The rest of the appointment was uneventful. Troy, go eat a few dozen pounds of lard please.

Last night my parents took JUST me to a nice dinner. The time was spent flipping in and out of the ugly-faced-cry. They seemed to think that I am still mostly sane. I gotta believe that under better hormonal circumstances I would cry less and be less fearful. I am working on the fear part and recognize that my fear is not really only new-baby-related. I am feeling nervous about Britt being so far away and on her own soon, nervous about getting back to Haiti and needing to homeschool Hope and Isaac and Paige while having the baby brigade too. I just feel unable to be everything to everyone all at once. The concerns are indeed somewhat rational, but the worrying and fear are counter-productive --- so I find myself attempting to grab the reigns and knock off the stinkin-thinkin (Stuart Smalley fans???) and move forward in HIS strength, not my own.

After the Zoo yesterday I broke down crying when Noah was being a pill and disobeying me. Isaac came over and said, "Oh Mom, you need some love because you are just so pregnant." Then he hugged and kissed me. Isaac is the ultimate encourager.

Tonight Hope had a really good question that begs an answer. She was eating dinner and she said, "Ma, why do they call it Cottage Cheese when it is mostly just cottage?"

Hope and Ike are psyched because this is a three day week for Kindergarten. They get to go again tomorrow! They attend full day (9-3:30) on Tues - Thur - and every other Friday. It really seems to work for them. So far they have only wonderful things to say about school, the teacher, the kids, and what they're learning. Hurray for that!


Troy ... I want to hug you. (I would be careful not to crush you.) That dancing video is really not that far off -- I miss laughing at your masterful moves, I think you should demonstrate your skills on video for real. Noah got a hair-cut today. It is sort of Ryan Seacrest but with an attitude. He looks more like you now. Love you. Miss you. Kiss Phoebe for us.