Saturday, September 01, 2007

For Troy

hi babe-
you said you want to be able to picture us in our new place ... i skipped the bathroom photo, and hallway/laundry room too. they look like a bathroom, a hallway and a laundry room. use your imagination.

first photo is standing in family room facing kitchen - peanut's butt is in front of the door that goes into Paige and Phoebe's room. The computer is in the kitchen. Britt is upstairs at Matt and Tina's house - in a big bedroom.
see the bed next to the fireplace? vavoom. That is ours. Yeah, there is no door or ability to have privacy ... so, maybe just va - but with no voom. either way, we will be toasty warm. noah is napping on the bed - look closely. i will kick him off/out before you get is cozy and totally workable ... we're mainly organized now - i even found some of your winter clothes - lucky you gained the 15 pounds back. :)

i have no idea how I managed to blur the photos --- but you get the idea.

the 3 little kids are in the room shown here- it was picked up for 30 seconds while i got the photo

hey twin cities friends,
do any of you have a full size crib that we can use for three months? If you do please email us - phoebe is too big for a portable version.

troy has not seen this house -- matt and tina and mom and dad bought it this year, troy has not been in mn for a looong time.