Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stream of Semi-Consciousness

Ok, I said I would blog, and the internet is up, so here is what my feeble and tired brain has for you this last evening in Haiti for a while...
This afternoon I went and filled the drums of diesel so that there should be enough to last while we're gone. I had a chance to stop and meet Clessia, Peter's new daughter.

She is a doll, and has her father's tall head. Peter was proud to show off their new place - a room he's fixed up in a building that his aunt owns on her property - it's up the highway a little bit in St. Ard. This is a big improvement because they were previously living on his uncle's property in Luly, and that uncle is heavily involved in voodoo and an all around bad guy. During one of the uncle's recent ceremonies, he dug a hole in the yard and buried a goat ALIVE in ward off evil spirits and appease the good spirits.

(supporters of 'multiculturism' and sensitivity to all peoples/beliefs : good luck with that one - especially since you're probably PETA members anyway)

Oh, and the main motivating factor that prompted the move was that the uncle was concerned about a baby being on the property, as the 'spirits' may come and try to take it for a sacrifice.

I'm glad they got away from that, as it was a constant stress for Peter and his wife.

He has been putting all his time and money into fixing up the new place because his mother and sister are coming from the States this week to visit him and his family. They will meet Clessia, be here when Peter's son (Nakim) gets dedicated in church, and visit Haiti for the first time in many years. After I left their house, Peter was going to the barber so he could look good for his mom. I wish I was going to be here to meet her.

On my way home, I started crying thinking about Peter's family of four living in this one room. I still at this moment can't comprehend having the joyful spirit that Peter usually has. If we can get a box of cornflakes to them or a jar of peanut butter, it is practically an occasion to celebrate in their household. Gotta stop, it's crying time again.
God is in there. God is showing us so much from our lives here... showing us how much we have to be thankful for, and showing us people who are thankful and joyful while having absolutely nothing by the standards we are used to.
Peter has God-sized joy, and for that I am thankful and sometimes envious. Please pray that he would also have wisdom and love and all the other fruits of the Spirit so that he can take care of the mission and all the responsibilities here while we're away.
Time to sleep and go back to America in the morning. I can't express the strangeness and range of emotions I'm feeling right now.
By the way, Tara is the most amazing person on the earth today. It's official, and I thought I should let you know.

At the end of one month alone taking care of a two person household, I'm ready for a break and feeling torn up and burned out. She does this times six, soon to be seven, times over and doesn't get a break. I love her and appreciate her more than ever. I have a whole new understanding of the laundry that is done and the meals that we eat and the plans that are made....and that's only after taking care of a baby who A) doesn't wear much and B) doesn't really need a 'meal' prepared and C) doesn't really have a busy or difficult schedule to manage.

I'm so glad we'll be back together again soon.
-TL 2 in Haiti