Thursday, September 06, 2007

Enough Already

By Britt:

Ladies and gents of the blogosphere, I have a very important announcement to make:

We are going to tell you the sex of '7.' Why now, you ask? Well we (Paige & I) figure that my mom has done a superb job thus far of respecting our wishes - that this one little something be kept secret for a while. But honestly, I've had enough already. Look at the polls! I think the Michigan team is cheating. ;-) You cannot vote if you actually know seven's gender!

Also, in light of recent days and my mother's publicized denial of her fourth unplanned pregnancy .... that will indeed yield a BABY at 8am on October 4th ...... I think it is high time to shine some light on the situation. Nothing against the opposite sex, but if you really knew our boys you would know that two is the perfect number & maximum capacity for this family.

'7' will be my fourth baby sister. I'm trying to convince my mom that maybe God believes in "saving the best for last." :D Here is an interesting facts about the number 7:
  • 7 is the number of spots on the common ladybug
    • I thought that this is a good illustration - my mom being the ladybug, each of her kids being a spot ;) Maybe I've just discovered a new nickname!

Paige has always been a big fan of the show "7th Heaven." In the past she has said that she would someday like to have her very own 7th Heaven (with her playing Annie Camden, not 2nd oldest Mary.) I would never admit to liking that show at one time and definitely do not share Paige's dreams of being the next Annie Camden or Tara Livesay, but it is kind of ironic how we are about to have our very own 7th Heaven. Peanut is a way cooler dog name then "Happy" though. And did you know that Matt the oldest kid became a doctor? Weird.

7th Heaven is the highest realm of Heaven in Judaism. It is synonymous to bliss and extreme happiness. That sounds awesome, doesn't it? Mom - EXTREME happiness! What could be better?

I am sure that '7', like my other three sisters, will be a gift - a sweet, well-behaved, calm gift. I love all of my siblings (this post is not meant to be boy-bashing in nature) but it's unfair to let you all go on thinking that '7' is a boy. I'm sure she's offended in the womb. Maybe that's why she never stops moving - you've upset her with your misled assumptions and male name ideas. ;)

So there you have it folks, now my mom can use the feminine tense when referring to '7' in posts for the next 27 days. She is 'she' or 'her' only. We have our secret-giving limits, you know. Names cannot be revealed until after delivery. ~Britt (Paige too)