Monday, September 24, 2007

Countdown Has Begun ...

The news around these parts is all good. We're anxiously awaiting mid-week to finally be hugging & seeing Phoebe and Troy ... and wishing we could drug ourselves, only to wake up and find it 11pm Wednesday night -- so we can go get them. We're hoping everything happens in fast-forward for the next 48 hours or so.

Random things in no particular order ...

~Amie left. She should be back in NC any minute. We had fun just doing nothing. As long as we were not talking about her not being in Haiti, Britt leaving for school in a few months, or the kid coming in less than 10 days, there were not tears. We left the kids for two of the days and stayed at my parents house while they were out of town. It was quiet and relaxing.

~ Britt got TWO jobs today. One is a nanny job for our good friends the Vik Family one day a week, one is the lifeguard job she wanted at a nearby community center. She is pretty excited about both developments. No more begging me for gas money. That makes me pretty excited too!

~Paige was in charge of five kids for a few hours last night. Isaac, Hope, Noah, Aidan & Porter all report that she will be an excellent Mom someday. Being the odd, yet lovable gal that she is ... she took it upon herself to bathe all five of them after taking them and two dogs for a walk around the neighborhood. She has full command when given the opportunity to take charge. The goofy thing is, she only likes to be in charge of everyone with no help. If a mom is around she is uninterested in all of it. She is probably the most anxious for Phoebe to get here, they are roomies. I know Amie is going to mock me for this, so in an effort to beat her to it ... here is a photo of the set-up of Phoebe's crib. Amie thinks this is some sort of child-safety hazard. ????? I think it is great that Phoebe can bake cookies for us all night long and we can trust that nothing will burn with her closely watching over the situation. The hazard will be: Too many cookies baked by Phoebe = weight gain for all! Saftey Schmafety.

~Isaac said lots of silly things over the last few days. My favorites were:
1. When seeing 'Bear,' Tina and Matt's dog, knock Hope over -- he said, "Bear, don't you know you should not knock down a lady?" 2. While sitting down to the table that Amie and I were sitting at he said, "Soooo, what do you two ladies want to chat about?" 3. He lost a tooth last night, because I was gone he did not get paid. Today in the car he said, "Mom, are you the tooth fairy?" I said, "Do you want the truth?" He said, "yes." I said, "Yes, I am." He said, "Noooo, you are NOT Mom. The tooth-fairy lives in a castle!" (insert DUH tone of voice) (He did not really want the truth.)

~ Went to the Doctor today, everything is dandy. I asked if 7! is going to be a honkin big baby, the Dr. seems not to think so ... But I am not convinced. I discussed my main fear with him. Amie thinks I will blog about it, she is wrong. It is pre-surgery advice. I don't like it. We will leave it at that. I am getting all the baby stuff together, Matt got the bassinet down tonight, I searched for the tiny baby-girl items I brought from Haiti for 7! to wear ... actually, searched ALL evening ... still have not located them but at least I know where they are NOT located. Sigh.

~When I emailed Troy to give him the update about the appt and told him the pre-surgery appt is next Monday --- he ACTUALLY SAID, "That is next week already?"


YEAH, IT IS "NEXT WEEK already!"
He explained that so much is on his mind, he sort of forgot the reason for the return to MN, etc, etc, etc. Apparently for me 'Absence makes the heart grown fonder' and for him it is more along the lines of 'Out of sight out of mind.' I assured him that once he saw the size of me it would be difficult to remain in lala land any longer. Dork.

Ames and I caught a bit of Britt's meet on Saturday ... the only time we thought to take a photo.

Troy is going nuts trying to get everything done in time to depart. He reports that Peter and his wife have safely delivered their baby girl, he will try to post photos of her tomorrow. She was born Saturday, I think. I asked him to find some socks for Phoebe to wear on the airplane because she is not used to cold ... He thought maybe finding socks would be the straw to break the camel's back ... So, no socks it is. ;-) She will live without socks; I will not live with a broken-backed husband. :)