Thursday, September 27, 2007

Daddy is here, daddy is here, daddy is ...


The large fan club is busy cheering and being excited about Troy's arrival. We got to bed at 1:15am, Noah found out Troy was home first at around 7:15am. The word spread fast after that. We welcomed him to America by going too many places, running too many errands, and attempting to manage four children at a sweaty swim meet. Phoebe hates swim meets, or the yelling at swim meets ... she cried at the start of every race. Good times.

I could not stop laughing at poor Troy as he came down the escalator at 11:45 last night. He had Phoebe on his back, a huge carry on that he purchased in Haiti ... so of course it was high quality ... and was broken and rigged together with some sort of bungee-cord device --- and a diaper bag that was bursting at the seems. He was essentially carrying 60% of his body weight. Phoebe has grown a ton in the last month, I am actually shocked that a child can be that chunky. I need to get a weight on her.

In the end, we did not dance at the baggage claim area when we were reunited. Sorry to disappoint. Troy wore those super sexy polyester pants and the medallion though.

Phoebe seemed a little overwhelmed by it all. She reached for Paige first at the airport. By this evening she seemed more "at home" and not as glassy-eyed.

My Aunt and Uncle came to visit today, tomorrow we'll see lots more friends and family at a big football game ... then we ( T & T ) have big plans to disappear for a day or two and see what it is like to talk without children or poor phone connections causing any issues with our communication. We've got some catching up to do.

We will try to post a few photos in the next day or two. We SO appreciate all of your kind words and prayers. Thank you!

With much love from all of us in MN