Monday, September 17, 2007

Not much to report Stateside

This past weekend was the all-cousin weekend. Cousins came to visit us and brought treats and dinner on Saturday. (Photo) We met more cousins for lunch on Sunday. We went and picked up a crib for Phoebe. (Thank you Barb and Barry!) Later, when we pulled into my parents house Hope said, "Hey I remember this place, we have been here before." I think she thought we were at another random location and did not realize we were going to Grandma and Papa's house. She was last there 20 months ago, but she still remembered. :)

It is cloudy and dank in Ham Lake, Minnesota today. The little kids don't understand that sunny days are not the norm everywhere in the world. Noah said, "When will it be sunny-time Mom?" He means, when will it be DAYtime. Sunny means daytime -- anything else means it is still night. He is a Caribbean boy now. I finally convinced him that it IS actually day time right now, but that in MN sunshine is not a daily guarantee.

We are in big-time count down mode. The 364 day wait is over for Isaac. Tomorrow is his 6th Birthday. He will be bringing treats to his class and then we're having a small party for him tomorrow night.

Paige and I and Troy are pretty pumped up about her standardized test results. Each year she takes a test to help determine curriculum for the next year. I think as a newer homeschooling mom I feel mainly nervous and inadequate when it comes to her education. We are just starting our third year of homeschooling. There are SO many people skeptical of the homeschooling option. A lot of people can be just plain rude about it. The feisty side of me constantly fights telling those people to 'stick it'. I have never understood people worrying about the choices I make for my own children, because I don't spend ANY time worrying about what other people do with their kids. It is my job to parent my kids, not any one elses.

It is a challenge to ignore the opinions and do what you know God is asking you to do. The results came in the mail this weekend, we're THRILLED with Paige's amazing improvement in one year. I guess we don't totally stink as teachers after all. Woot PAIGE for your hard work!

Before I go, this is a long shot ... but it cannot hurt to ask. Does anyone know a Pediatric (or not necessarily Pediatric) Opthamologist that I might be able to call and talk to the real, live Doctor? I need to get an opinion and questions answered about Phoebe. I am finding that nobody will talk to you over the phone. I have to make her an appointment to come in for a consultation and screening. That is fine, but it would be nice since she is uninsured (not legally our child) to get some clarification before we start in on the huge Doctor bills. If you know of someone who might be willing to speak with us FIRST and give initial adivce, please let us know how to make contact. Phoebe's eyes often (not always) "track" separately, we're wanting to use this time when she is in the States to see if we can help her with it.

Thanks -