Friday, May 22, 2009


ED'H by you.

Tess brought massive ED'H (electricity of haiti) hours when she arrived last Friday. She left today and so did the electricity. After a week of 16 hours a day we are on hour 26 without it.

Most expats in Haiti spend a lot of time trying to make sense of the schedule and come up with theories and ideas about WHY they have electricity or why they don't. (Assuming that there must be some really good reason for it to come and go when it does.)

The other night I said, "Weird we still have electricity." Troy replied, "Yeah. Because it rained." I questioned him but he stuck to his theory. He believes if it rains they don't come to work to turn it off. And then if it rains when it is OFF, they also don't come turn it ON.

Just when you begin to count on the schedule (about five or six days into a consistent pattern) - it changes ... and the cycle of figuring it out begins again.

Some people play Bingo, others Poker, some watch sports or bowl in a leauge ... in Haiti we play "Guess when the electricity will show up."

Hours of free entertainment each and every week.